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We are currently working on creating an application which can be completed on-line. Until that process is completed, we have created a form which can be downloaded, filled out and e-mailed to us. We also have another version of the form which can be printed and mailed back to us via U.S. Mail.

To download and e-mail the form requires Microsoft Word.
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to open the form Loan Application

To print the form and mail it to us requires Adobe Reader.
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to open the form Loan Application

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NCFCU is providing mortgage loans through CUC Mortgage. This relationship allows credit union members mortgage programs that meet just about every need. So give us a call for more information including rates, financial calculators, pre-qualifications, and application status just to name a few.


Click here to visit our AutoSmart site for great car buying information. Finance your next vehicle with NCFCU right at the dealership! Check our growing list of preferred franchise dealers participating with NCFCU. When at the dealership, let them know you want to finance your loan at NCFCU. They will complete the paperwork on site. Quick and Easy!


Are you financing or leasing your car, truck, or SUV? Did you know that if it's totaled or stolen, you could face a financial risk that your auto policy may not cover? Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) coverage helps protect you against this risk.

While that new car smell may last a few weeks, the second you drive your new automobile off the dealer's lot, it begins to depreciate. It immediately becomes a used vehicle. Depending on the amount financed, your once new car may be worth considerably less than what you owe the lender who is financing it.

If your vehicle is totaled for any reason - theft, fire, accident, flood, tornado, vandalism, or hurricane - the value that your insurance company places on it may be a whole lot less that its actual retail value - and it is often considerably less than the actual amount you still owe on your loan. Between the amount of your insurance deductible and the loss from this financial shortfall or “gap,” you can be left owing literally thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Auto gap insurance is not a policy you'll need forever, but for the first few years of ownership, it will give you some driving security and peace of mind. And the best thing about it is that it doesn't cost much.

Why is an auto gap insurance policy so important?

Because standard comprehensive and collision auto policies only cover your new car's "fair market value". And that can be as little as 80% of what you paid for your car, starting the minute you drive it off the lot. This means that if you're involved in an auto accident that leaves your new car "totaled", (we all hope this never happens,) you could end up paying off a loan on a car that you can't even drive.

How the Gap Is Calculated Results
Start with the loan or lease payoff at time of loss $20,000
Subtract the cash value paid by the auto policy – $16,000
The result is the deficiency balance = $4,000
Add the auto policy deductible you’re responsible for + $1,000
The total is the financial gap to be bridged = $5,000

The GAP Solution
GAP Protection is an inexpensive way to cover the financial gap. GAP pays the deficiency balance owed to the bank or leasing company, so you can spend your money on buying your new car -- not on paying off the lost one. Call or stop in today for a free quote, you'll be surprised just how inexpensive it is!


We now offer a Skip a Payment program that meets your needs when your needs really do arrive.

Two times during each calendar year you may elect to skip a current loan payment. The clue here . . . your loan must be current! Oh, and sorry, you can't skip two consecutive payments.

Read the fine print, there are some things you need to know before you put your car payment towards something that we may be able to help you save for instead.

The fine print:

This offer is available provided none of your NCFCU loans or line of credit balances are delinquent and your account is in good standing. If you choose to participate, your interest will continue to accrue and the skipped payment will cause your loan to extend beyond its expected pay off date. There is a $25 processing fee. Mortgage and equity loans are not eligible for the skip a payment program. NCFCU may choose to discontinue the skip a payment program at any time.

Click here to access and print your Skip a Payment form
You will need Adobe Reader to access this form. Download this free software by clicking the icon below.

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